CCIE Written Schedule – Original

*** Please note that my written exam schedule was changed shortly after starting with the below mentioned schedule. I found that I was actually familiar with the large majority of topics covered and thus adopted a new schedule you can find here.

The table below details my current schedule for the CCIE Written Exam.

Task Start Date Completion Date Days
OECG – Chapters 1-5 & BCMSN Revision Jul 25 Aug 31 38d
OECG – Chapters 6-11 & BSCI Revision Sep 1 Sep 30 30d
OECG – Chapters 11,15 & BGP Revision Oct 1 Oct 31 31d
OECG – Chapters 12-14 & QoS Revision Nov 1 Nov 30 30d
OECG – Chapters 16-20 & MPLS Revision Dec 1 Dec 31 31d
OECG Chapters 16,17,20 & Final Prep Jan 1 Jan 29 38d
CCIE Written – (January) First Attempt Jan 30 Jan 30 1d

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