Progress Update – 21 September

Just wanted to update you all on my progress, recently I’ve been knee deep in IGP’s, having lots of fun playing with everything from EIGRP stub networks to OSPF Network Types and the joys of OSPF over NBMA networks. Currently I’m still busy with BGP and will be for the next two days. Chapters that I’ve completed recently include:

Chapter 7 – RIP Version 2

Chapter 8 – EIGRP

Chapter 9 – OSPF

Chapter 10 – IGP Route Redistribution, Route Summarization, and Default Routing

As I’ve been reviewing each topic, I’ve been reading the oecg chapters as well as my CCNP books. Its funny how basic some CCNP topics now seem, for example the BGP coverage on the CCNP exams is really sparse.

I’ll leave you all with a rather amusing post I saw on (Original Found on Group Study), just goes to show how “easy” some people think networking really is…


Subject: Another New One
From: “Hiriam Masheed Nuwalla MCSE+I” <gs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 08:52:55 -0600
Hi Group,

I just complete my MCSE+I and now I have need for CCIE. I have joined group
because I must have CCIE in 30 days, maybe I can wait for 45 days, but no
longer. I want to finish before May starts, for I have futbol league to play
in then. If I get the CCIE in 30 days, then maybe I try for a second in the
next 15 days. I need to get CCIE so I can make a bigger money. I hear this is
a good group for to join.

The MCSE have many more tests so I think CCIE may not be as difficult as I
hear. One day I pass two exams, one right after another for the MCSE. This is
also “Expert” level certification, just like CCIE. Some people may not know
this, but a Windows server can be setup like a router. I have done this many
times. I have very high IQ and can study sometimes 2 – 4 hours without a

I see a question about a subnet mask. Is it necessary to know the subnets
other than a I have set these networks up many times, and am
almost an expert with them. One time there were 4 of these networks all
working through a windows box, and I did this in less than 2 hours, and this
include time it take to reboot servers.

I have bought a router on ebay for to help study with. I want to use web
browser for to configure this router, but I cannot seem to get it to come up.
I use the telnet program (From a Windows Server 🙂 to log into this router but
all there is a command line. It look almost like an old DOS program. I hope
Cisco does not still emulate DOS when Windows has been around many years. This
could a big mistake for them.

If anyone need help on setting routers, let me know. I will be willing to
help. Also, it seems Cisco allow test taker to look at website during CCIE
exam. In the MCSE program there is no help available. You must not look at any
material while taking exam. I think it should be fun to have a book open

Do you think I should get a Voice CCIE, or a Security CCIE for the second CCIE
I get. I am not familiar with the differences between them? I did recently set
up Security for Microsoft Vista, so maybe Security should be the way to go.

Also I want to say to Darby. You seem like a nice man (i hope you are man, not
woman. if so i apologize). You should try for to relax a little more and take
care of your health. If you can’t get CCIE this week, you will be able to get
it next week. I know sometimes you get in a hurry, but your health is more
important than passing exam this week. Just make up study on the weekend and
take exam the following week. You should trust yourself more and not spend so
much money on instructions. Do you have relationship with your instructor? You
seem very close.

One more question. What does HTH mean?




Well its back to studying some BGP before bed, few more weeks and Ill be ready for the written!!!


~ by networkingza on September 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Progress Update – 21 September”

  1. This joke never seems boring. Everytime I want a good laugh, this is one of the jokes that comes to mindb:-). Maybe we should start believing “CCIE in 24 hours” :P.

  2. I think you should 🙂

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