5 Networking Links I’ve viewed Lately

Hi guys, Just a quick post before I get back to studying the “Redistribution” chapter in the OECG. (Yes I’ve completed all the IGP’s!). I thought I’d share 5 sites that I’ve visited lately and that I think might interest many of you…

1.Hacki.at – A great forum focused on Dynamips, Dynagen and Cisco Device Emulation

2.Packetlife – Excellent site created by a fellow networker working towards his CCIE. Take a look at his excellent Cheat Sheets and the vast collection of Packet Captures.

3.InternetworkExpert Blog – Packed full of great tutorials, I often visit this site when I need to find a clear, easy to understand example of a technology in action.

4.Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing – Did you know your router can perform basic Server Load Balancing without adding any extra content switching modules? Cisco has done a nice job at providing lots of relevant examples in this paper.

5.OSPF Sham-Link Support for MPLS VPN – What can I say, no list would be complete without a hint of Service Provider coolness. This Cisco Feature Guide, does an excellent job of explaining the concept of OSPF Sham Links and why they might be required in MPLS VPN configurations.


~ by networkingza on September 17, 2008.

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