Progress Update – 4 August

A sprint within a marathon…

This weekend I decided to stop taking notes in my summary guide and just read ahead a bit in the OECG. I wanted to get a feel for the rest of the book, so I read up till the end of Chapter 9 (OSPF). If anything this just highlighted how important my summary guide will be, there are lots of little details and nuances, some of which are not even covered. Thus for the routing portion of the book (Chapters 6-11) I will be using my BSCI books and cisco BSCI & BGP course ware, along with the OECG. Of all the routing protocols covered, I believe OSPF will be the most challenging. EIGRP is fiarly straightforward even in NBMA networks and I wrote my BGP exam earlier this year, so it shouldn’t be hard to cover that quite quickly.

Tonight I’ll be working on my Chapter 5 (IP Services) notes,  covering topics such as HSRP, GLBP, VRRP, DHCP, NTP and more. So far Im way ahead of my CCIE written schedule, but Im sure this will soon change as I spend more lab time on the switching topics, not to mention all of the routing topics that I could lab up.


~ by networkingza on August 4, 2008.

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