Progress Update – 29 July

I’ve completed Chapters 1 (Ethernet Basics) and 2 (Virtual LANs and VLAN trunking) of the OECG, tonight I’ll start Chapter 3 (Spanning-tree). Im pleased with my progress and once I am done with Chapter 3, I’ll be taking some time to further research topics, and configuring each technology until I fully understand it. Essentially I want to make sure that I have Ethernet and Switching topics down before I move on.

I’ve found the OECG to lack the level of detail I require for my CCIE studies, so currently I work through the book, and then research each topic that comes up in as much detail as possible. For that I am using the BCMSN cisco course ware, the BCMSN OECG, various CCIE blogs, Wikipedia and Cisco’s website.

Came Across a really nice post regarding Private VLANs (PVLAN) today, if you’re interested take a look at Understanding Private VLANs

While searching for more information on 802.1Q-in-Q Tunnelling I came across two great sources, the first being a cisco configuration guide that you can find here . The second source was a post by a fellow CCIE blogger, Irwan Piesessa, you can find his post on Q-in-Q tunnelling here .

Finally I found “Ethernet: The Definitive Guide” by Charles Spurgeon (Author) to be a great reference source on the topic of Ethernet in general.

One last remidner to myself… Something that I will be trying to do from now on is use google less and the Cisco DocCD alot more. Navigating the DocCD can be a little tricky if you haven’t used it before, but its something that I must get used to and be able to navigate quickly if I want to pass my lab exam. Not only do I want to be able to navigate the DocCD quickly, but I would like to get as familiar with the documents, so that when I run into trouble in the lab, I would have atleast seen some of the documents before.


~ by networkingza on July 29, 2008.

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