The Start Of A Journey

“To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping” ~ An old Chinese Proverb.

Im finally here. For years now I have dreamt of becoming a CCIE and tomorrow I start my CCIE R&S preparation. Feels like I’ve been studying for ages just to get my mid-level Cisco certs, so Im really pleased that my hard work and dedication has paid off. Its been quite a ride, I’ve learnt alot and I can really see how it has helped me become better at my chosen profession.

I’ve set aside this weekend to plan my CCIE study schedule, gather study resources and review a little of the first chapters of the CCIE Official Exam Certification Guide, 3rd Edition (OECG). Below is a brief TODO list for this weekend…

  • Develop blog
  • Update Schedule and Publish it on blog
  • Review CCIE Book list, Order any additional Books I may need
  • Gather CBT’s, Books and other study Material that I already have
  • Ensure Lab equipment is running correct IOS, as per the Equipment list on Cisco’s site
  • Define format for Summary Guide

I plan to compile a Summary Guide as I study for the CCIE written and Lab exams. Basically it will include key facts and sample configurations of technologies that I have reviewed. My goal is research the nuances of each technologies behavior until there are no questions left. Only once I truly understand a technology/protocol will I move on, and the notes in my Summary Guide need to cover the caveats and how technologies interact with one another in as much detail as possible to truly reflect these nuances. I will also be incorporating Cisco configuration guides, Cisco design guides, posts from other blogs, howto’s, tutorials, etc.

Once this weekends TODO list has been completed I will start seriously working through the OECG in a bid to accomplish the following goals…

  • Work through the OECG and take notes which will be added to the Summary Guide
  • Watch CBT Nuggets CCIE R&S Theory CBT, take notes and add to Summary Guide
  • Research each technology so that there are no questions left
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – Lab Time to truly understand the technologies
  • Post Weekly Progress Updates on blog

Today my CCIE journey begins…


    ~ by networkingza on July 25, 2008.

    One Response to “The Start Of A Journey”

    1. Congrats on the CCIP!

      The journey to CCIE is definitely an enjoyable one, wish you all of the best.

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