This morning I passed my Cisco MPLS (642-611) exam and with that achieved my CCIP certification. Its been a long road taking me over 5 months (currently working part time, so I’ve been studying alot) to complete my CCIP certification. I must say that I have really enjoyed working towards this certification, I’ve learnt skills that are truly indispensable, that will not only help me in my work, but will surely help me in my CCIE pursuit as well.

Of the CCIP topics, I must say that I enjoyed the BGP and MPLS course content the most, I love the way MPLS VPN’s leverage so many different protocols and technologies; A CE-PE Routing Protocol, an IGP within the P network, MP-BGP, MPLS, LDP/TDP, VRF’s, etc.

It appears that many people out there are a little confused as to what resources they should use when studying for the CCIP exam, below is a list of books and CBT’s that I used, its by no means a definitive list, but it worked for me. Of all the exams I found MPLS the hardest exam in terms of finding decent resources to study from, at the end of the day I believe reading the below mentioned books, coupled with lots and lots of hours practicing this in the lab, is what allowed me to pass. I created a 16 router MPLS lab, where I could practice everything from basic MPLS configuration to MPLS VPN’s, Overlapping and Complex VPN’s, Central Services VPN’s and Providing Internet Access to MPLS VPN Clients.

BSCI – CCNP BSCI Official Exam Certification Guide (4th Edition) (Exam Certification Guide) (Hardcover)
by Brent Stewart (Author) and CBT Nuggets BSCI CBT.

QoS – Cisco QOS Exam Certification Guide (IP Telephony Self-Study) (2nd Edition) (Exam Certification Guide) by Wendell Odom (Author), Michael Cavanaugh (Author), CBT Nuggets ONT CBT and CBT Nuggets QoS CBT.

BGP – CBT Nuggets CCIE Theory CBT, Official Cisco Courseware and BGP related Configuration Guides on

MPLS – MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software (Networking Technology) (Hardcover) by Umesh Lakshman (Author), Lancy Lobo (Author), MPLS Fundamentals (Paperback) by Luc De Ghein (Author), MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II (Networking Technology) (Hardcover) by Ivan Pepelnjak (Author), Jim Guichard (Author), Jeff Apcar (Author), Cisco MPLS 2.2 Courseware, MPLS related Configuration Guides on

Finally two tips for those of you that would like to pursue the CCIP certification…

1) If you are currently working towards your CCNP, do the QoS after your ONT exam, as the QoS topics mentioned as part of the ONT exam will still be fresh in your mind, it will make the QoS exam alot easier to prepare for.

2) Practice, Practice, Practice, you will not grasp concepts and you will not pass these exams, unless you put in many many hours of lab time. The only way to become comfortable with a technology such as BGP is to configure it in a lab, tweaking route attributes and configuring as many crazy scenarios as possible.


~ by networkingza on July 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “CCIP…Done!”

  1. I am also towards CCIE SP. Currently i completed CCNP and now i am planning to complete CCIE in below mentioned order
    a) QoS
    b) BGP
    c) MPLS
    d) CCIE Theory
    Attend Bootcamp from any well know institute

    e) CCIE Lab

    I have couple of doubts regarding CCIP/CCIE lab practice
    a) is Dynagen/Dynamips sufficient for CCIP BGP and MPLS exam proctices ?
    b) Do you know any good site describing CCIP labs/Config (Dynagen/Dynamips) files and explanations.
    c) How do you feel about my planned study procedure ? Do you think i need to change(add/delete) anything in the way forward ?
    b) What % of CCIE SP lab can we practice in Dynamips ?
    c) is it required to complete CCIE R&S Labs ( IE/IP expert/Mentor Workbooks) before goinng towards CCIE SP ?

  2. Hi there Sjan, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away from home working in another city. As for your questions…

    A) Dynamips is the perfect tool to practice to for the BGP exam. You will also be able to cover the majority of the MPLS topics, with only one or two small exceptions.

    B) is a great source for Dynamips .net files, along with valuable info in terms of what resources others have used to study.

    C&D) Unfortunately I cannot comment on your study plan or how well Dynamips can cover the CCIE SP exam, as I am studying for my CCIE in Routing and Switching and not SP.

    D) Although it is not required, using such workbooks is HIGHLY advisable before you attempt the Lab exam. Working through a few basic labs before your written exam might also help in terms of getting you a bit more comfortable with the associated technologies.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your studies!

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