QoS Book Review

Title: Cisco QOS Exam Certification Guide (IP Telephony Self-Study) (2nd Edition) (Exam Certification Guide) by Wendell Odom (Author), Michael Cavanaugh (Author)

ISBN-10: 1587201240

Chapter 1 – QoS Overview
Chapter 2 – Qos Tools and Architectures
Chapter 3 – MQC, QPM and AutoQoS
Chapter 4 – Classification and Marking
Chapter 5 – Congestion Management
Chapter 6 – Traffic Policing and Shaping
Chapter 7 – Congestion Avoidance Through Drop Policies
Chapter 8 – Link Efficiency Tools
Chapter 9 – LAN QoS
Chapter 10 – Cisco QoS Best Practices

After reading CCNP ONT Official Exam Certification Guide by Amir Ranjbar as part of my CCNP studies, I was interested to see what exactly this book would cover. Starting off with an overview of QoS, this book guides the reader through the basic fundamentals of what QoS is and why it is required. It then gradually builds upon these fundamentals, with a healthy balance of scenarios and configuration along the way.

Converged networks are becoming increasingly common, with video, VOIP, and critical data all flowing over our networks. This book addresses not only QoS on WAN’s but also the very important aspect of QoS on our local area networks (LAN). It covers issues related to video, voice and data, as well as including a great chapter at the end of the book related to Cisco QoS Best Practices.

I particularly enjoyed how much of this book is related to the theory involved behind different queuing algorithms, traffic policing and shaping, congestion avoidance technologies and more. While many readers might regard extensive discussion related to the theory behind these tools rather “dry”… I do believe that both engineers working with QoS on a daily basis and those studying for the Cisco 642-642 exam will benefit from a thorough understanding of the logic behind these tools.

All round I found this to be an excellent book for CCVP, CCNP and CCIE candidates, along with anyone else who is planning on deploying QoS in their network.


~ by networkingza on May 11, 2008.

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